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Our Home Offers

Comfortable single bedrooms or double bedrooms for married couples or those wishing the companionship of others.  All rooms are equipped with washing facilities, smoke detectors and radiators fitted with thermostatic controls and covers.  Each room also has a 24-hour call bell system, as do the bathrooms and toilets throughout the Home.  Personal telephones are available in the rooms as well as television aerial points.  The rooms are fully furnished to a high standard although it may be possible for residents to bring in small items of furniture with prior consent from the management.  En-suite rooms may be available on request.

We have two / three lounges with a television loop system in the main lounge for the hard of hearing or alternatively you may wish to have your own television in your room.  All electrical equipment that is brought into the Home must carry a Certificate of Safety to comply with the standards and specifications required.  All our equipment is P.A.T. tested for safety.

Bathrooms are fully equipped to a very high standard with hydraulic chairs and hydrotherapy baths.  Alternatively a shower room is available if preferred.

We also have a large passenger lift and a stair lift to assist those who find stairs difficult.

We have two separate dining rooms where the meals are served.  For breakfast we offer the choice of being served in your bedroom or in the dining room, with a choice of menu. Lunch is served at 12noon and is the main meal of the day and the main course is followed by appetising desserts.  95% of our meals are home cooked with alternative main meals available on request.  Dinner is served at 5pm and again a choice is available. Tea, coffee and cold drinks are served throughout the day.

Dietary needs are catered for.  Our resident chef is always on hand to discuss any special requests and in 2009 we achieved a 5 Star ‘Scores of the Doors’ rating for the second year in a row since the award was first recognised.


Due to fire regulations and law smoking is only permitted outside the building.  Management will be responsible for carrying out risk assessments for health and safety purposes.

Personal Care

A fully qualified hair stylist visits the home on a weekly basis.  Also for male residents a local qualified barber attends regularly.  The charge for these services is made directly from the resident to the hair stylist/barber.

We also have a qualified chiropodist who visits the home every ten weeks.  The charge for this service is again made directly from the resident to the chiropodist.

Dental and optical services can be arranged for the residents, including home visits.  Again, the charges for these services are made directly from the resident to the Dentist or Optician.

Residents will be assessed for their personal care and may qualify for free incontinence aids.  The Continence Advisory Service will carry out this assessment.

Those who do not qualify for a free service will have to supply any necessary aids themselves.

Laundry is carried out within the Home on a daily basis at no extra cost.  Laundry is normally returned to your room on the same day. However, any items requiring dry cleaning will be arranged for you but will be charged to the resident.


At The Hermitage we pride ourselves on having a very committed, experienced and loyal team of carers on hand to help 24 hours per day.  Our carers range in age from nineteen years to retirement age and we find this age balance works well and helps to create a happy and buoyant feeling throughout the Home.  Most of our carers have worked at The Hermitage for a number of years and live within a five mile radius of our home.  The Manager, Mrs Judy Wilson and Assistant Manager, Mrs Gay Thory-Burgess have achieved NVQ Level 3 and NVQ Level 4 in care and management.

The majority of our staff have completed their NVQ Level 2, with two carers having completed Level 3 in care and two of our staff are now assessors for NVQ Level 2 in care.  This enables us to train our staff in house.  All staff are fully trained, a list is available in the main entrance hallway. 

Training is an ongoing requirement within The Hermitage and all staff are asked to attend training courses as and when necessary.

All our staff are caring, patient and interested in everything the residents have to say, and should any resident experience any anxieties for any reason, the carers would do their best to allay their fears and answer any questions they may have.

Management are always on hand to support the staff within their roles and play a very active and ‘hands on’ role themselves in the day-to-day running of the Home.

Healthy Eating

Many people find their eating patterns change as they get older.  At The Hermitage it is our aim to promote healthy eating, with a wide range of meals offering fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, meat and fresh fish etc.  Real home cooking is our chef’s policy and special diets can be catered for if required.  Our resident chef is always available to discuss the menu with you.  All our produce is supplied by local businesses in Whittlesey.

Meal Times

Our meal times are as follows:

  • Breakfast                           7am to 9.30 am
  • Mid morning tea                 10 am
  • Lunch                                12 noon
  • Afternoon tea                     2 pm
  • Dinner                               5pm
  • Supper / evening drink        from 7pm onwards
  • Late drinks                         9 pm

All meals take place in our two dining rooms, one of which overlooks our grounds and the other overlooks St Mary’s Street. However, for breakfast there is a choice of being served either in your room or in the dining room.

Families and Visitors

Your families and friends are very important figures in your lives and we encourage contact and times out with them.  They are very welcome anytime at The Hermitage.  However, it would be very much appreciated if before 10am was avoided and between 12-1pm and 4-5pm as these are particularly busy times as well as meal times.

You are welcome to spend time with your family and friends in your room, or to go into one of our day rooms.  Refreshments will be available to them e.g. tea, coffee and cold drinks.


Services are held at The Hermitage on a regular basis (twice monthly) and the Salvation Army come in on certain Sundays throughout the year.  However, if you wish to speak with a priest or vicar in private this can of course be arranged.

The Hermitage is ideally situated as it is within walking distance of both St Mary’s and St Andrew’s churches, which are both Church of England.  In Whittlesey there are also Methodist and Catholic churches.

Mail and Telephone

All mail for residents is distributed daily.  We do encourage all forms of communication between our residents and their family members and friends.  Should a resident ever need any letters and cards posting but are unable to do so themselves, please give them to a carer who will ensure they are posted that day.

Telephones can be installed into your room at your own cost.  You are free to use mobile telephones throughout the home.  Our landline will receive any incoming calls for you as well (our telephones are hands-free so you can receive your calls at your chair or in your room).

Comfort Fund and Fund Raising

The Hermitage Comfort Fund raises money continually for residents to enjoy their stay here.  Money is raised through regular quiz nights, raffle ticket sales and an annual Car Boot Sale we hold every summer.

The Comfort Fund pays for trips to the seaside, rides into the countryside with lunch, in-house entertainment and trips to the theatre to name but a few.

Also, if residents make a request for something they have always wanted to do, the Comfort Fund may be able to make this happen.  This could be something as little as a bunch of flowers.  Anything to make someone smile.

Statement of Residents Rights

  • The Resident shall have the right to privacy and their dignity should be maintained at all times
  • The Resident shall have the right to care of the highest standard and to maintain a high quality of life and independence
  • The Resident has the right to participate fully in social and recreational activities
  • The Resident has the same rights as any other citizen regarding access to the services and facilities within the local community
  • The Resident has the right to choose their Doctor, Dentist and Optician
  • The Resident has the right to have their social, emotional, religious and cultural needs accepted and respected.
  • The Resident / Residents’ families, only if the Resident wishes, shall be fully involved in care reviews and kept up to date with care programmes in order that, where possible, realistic decisions can be made regarding the Resident’s care.
  • The Resident has the right to discuss any problems they may have and the right to make a complaint plus the knowledge of whom to make such a complaint to.
  • Certain legal restrictions are necessary to provide the level of care, protection and health & safety of every Resident with The Hermitage.

Philosophy of Care

We value each and every resident who choses to live at The Hermitage.  Our aim is to provide as much (or as little) care as the resident needs from us at any particular time.  We do not wish to take away any independence in daily living and will encourage people to do as much for themselves as it is safe and sensible to do.  Individual privacy and choice is paramount but if residents wish to become involved in some of our activities they can.  We all want to be treated as individuals and have our wishes and preferences respected.  Our philosophy of care is to recognise that everyone has the right to make a choice or decision about what they want for themselves and for us to resepect and support that decision, provided it is safe for them to do so.

Medical Care

Residents from the area will already be registered at the surgery of their choice.  However, if you are moving to the area you will be offered the choice of the two local surgeries:

  • Jenner Health Centre
  • New Queen Street Surgery

Doctors and Nurses from both surgeries will come into The Hermitage to visit you.

We offer a nomad system for all medication and we have a fully equipped drugs cupboard to store all medication in.  However, if you prefer to self medicate a risk assessment has to be carried out. In this case, you would keep the medication in a locked cupboard in your bedroom.

Inspection Reports

Our last inspection was on the 18th February 2015 and the overall rating for our service was 'Good'.   All Inspection Reports for The Hermitage are available in the main hallway and on request from Judy the Manager or Gay the Assistant Manager.  Alternatively please use this link to The Hermitage page on the Care Quality Commision website, where you will find our latest inspection report : CQC Website

Scale of Charges

The Hermitage is a Private Care Home with charges on application, please call for details.

The Hermitage – Additional Charges

Additional charges that may be incurred during your stay at The Hermitage:

Chiropody                         £15.00

Hairdressing                      from £8.00

Gentleman’s Barber             from £8.00

Purchases from The Hermitage ‘shop’ payable to staff

Dry Cleaning Garments        as charged by Dry Cleaner

Care Quality Commission

The Hermitage Rest Home in Whittlesey is registered by the Care Quality Commission. 

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