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Resident Testimonials

Mrs Kath Pulford

Its home from home. I made the decision to go in to care and I have never looked back.  I’m happy, my family are happy and I am well looked after.  Everyone here helps each other.  We are like a little family. Kath Pulford

Mrs Pulford 

Connie Hailstone – over four years at The Hermitage

I liked it as soon as I came in.  My grandson & son-in-law went round all the homes and thought The Hermitage was the best one.  I am well cared for.  I am the second eldest here. I’ve been bowling for the first time and I’ve 93 years old! The staff are very kind and look after us well. I am very happy. Connie Hailstone

Mrs Hailstone 

Mr & Mrs Dedman

Roly and Joyce love being at The Hermitage and they both feel the following: ‘happy and comfortable’, ‘staff very good’, ‘food lovely’ and ‘no complaints’.  It was something we never dreamt of going into a home.  When the time came for Joyce to come into a home, The Hermitage was her first choice.  Roly followed shortly after and we’ve never looked back.  We are settled and happy with no worries.  The other residents made us very welcome. It’s a happy place, we have a good laugh and get along well with everyone. Mr & Mrs Dedman

Mr & Mrs Dedman

Florrie Smith

I left hospital I needed to go into the care home so I went to The Hermitage as I had visited my sister some years before.

I am very happy here and cannot fault it.  The food is lovely and I clear my plate every day.

There is a daily paper to read which I enjoy. There are also trips out if I wanted to go.  Singers come regularly and my favourite is Jeremy.

I go to my room around 5.30pm every day and watch TV but I ring a bell if I need help with anything.

Florrie Smith

Mary Widgery

Mary Widgery

In 2008 I booked myself a room at The Hermitage for respite care and really enjoyed the care and attention I received.  My daughter and her husband went to Australia in 2009 for four weeks and I was more than happy to return to The Hermitage. The time passed very quickly but when I returned to my bungalow I felt lonely and missed the companionship so I asked to be considered for permanent residency.  I was delighted when I was later informed that a room was available and was more than happy to put my bungalow on the market and move in.  I feel that the staff are my friends and they are always willing to help and listen to me reminiscing about the past etc.

I am able to go out most days and walk to the shops and church with the aid of my walker.  I have pictures on the wall of my room and have a few of my treasured possessions with me.  We have regular outings and entertainment provided by the 'comfort fund'.  It is really home from home and I have no regrets that I made the decision to move in here.

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